PTI has become everything they said they won’t become

Ali Tareen, the son of Jehangir Khan Tareen will contest the by-elections on the seat left vacant by the disqualification of his father.


There is no wrong in a son filling up the boots of his father or choosing the same occupation as his father. But, the problem lies in our political system where dynasties rule on the basis of one member who holds of the power and then suddenly he’s surrounded by all his family.

PTI has been massively popular since 2011. It was the flag bearer of change and many pinned their hopes on PTI to be catalyst of the change that many Pakistanis desire. People voted for them in huge numbers. They were the third largest party in the Parliament in 2013 elections. But, Imran Khan time and again reiterated that PTI will not indulge in the practices that have been a trademark of other parties and there will be an evident chasm between his party and other parties who he termed as ’dynastic parties’ headed by the father then their kid and then their grand kids as if they inherited the possession.


PTI was founded upon the basis of justice humanity and self-esteem of questioning and reprimanding the status-quo, promoting merit and bringing the youth forward. In the massive jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, Imran Khan promised to quash the status-quo and bring about change in our society, or what he aptly called ‘’tabdeeli’’.

But, has PTI become everything it vowed not to become?

Acridly, Yes.

PTI’s popularity has more to owe to the charismatic repute of its chairman. The aura of Imran Khan is such that people vote for PTI just because of him and his honesty that stands out.


They are least concerned by the people surrounding him or the people who are the decision making fraternity of PTI. They aren’t bothered by the surroundings of Imran Khan and those who are in the heorarchy of PTI.

But, it is a matter of concern.

PTI is adding all the discarded politicians from other political parties, the same politicians who Imran Khan labeled as corrupt and a threat to country and against whom he waged war. When they were in other parties, they were the victims of Imran Khan’s accusation and vilification, but, now he has readily accepted all of them in the ambit of his party.

How are they pious now?

ali tareen

Imran Khan promised to bring change by injecting new blood into main stream politics, that have a strong will to do something for the country. He pledged to give tickets to young candidates unlike other parties who sell tickets to those who were certain to win (electables). But, now Imran Khan himself has regressed to the politics ofelectables. He’s going to those who have been in politics for years in one party or another, in one tenure or the other. These power seekers have been in this political sphere for long enough and haven’t done anything notable other than embezzlement and corruption. These politicians have been accused of tempering with elections and rigging the results to win seats.

How will they bring the change now, if they hadn’t done anything for years other than changing parties?

Imran Khan’s justification of this was that these politicians didn’t partake in corruption on willfully; they did it for their leaders.

Every local politician with a fixed vote bank was welcomed in PTI. It turned out to be that the same people Imran Khan was up against hoarded around him and that too with his approval. For ideological supporters of PTI, it is heart-breaking and disappointing to witness the morals and ideals of PTI go to waste and PTI descending to the level of other parties; touching every low to get to power.

Was this a move to promote youth?

BY Abdul Moiz



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