Quarantine your soul by relaxing your thoughts

By: Sabeen Fatima


“There is always enough light for the one who wishes to see :” Imam Ali a.s. Corona and quarantine are the most heard words since last few months and everyone including children and even uneducated people have now fully understood the importance of it. Still for the recap  quarantine is defined as a restriction on the movement of people and goods which is intended to prevent the spread of disease. So the pertinent question is what is the connection of soul with this?

How often we want to sit back and relax our mind from the thoughts and everyday happenings around us. People also term this as soul searching. The calm mind and positive approach towards life is of utmost significance. How badly we want to shut down everything else and just focus on positivity. Our souls are always in search of peace and tranquility. So what you can do in this time period which has become more precious due to our hectic daily routine?

The quarantine time period during this disease spread , can become our most valuable time for thinking about our long term goals  connection to our Lord , our meditation and our approach towards life. It can also create an urge to do something which was in our mind since a long time. It can also become a time for good riddance of some bad thoughts which have become burden to the soul , the thoughts related to breakups, death of a loved one, a bad experience, a painful childhood memory or even unkind words of someone haunting us often . It’s the time to make peace with whatever is in sub conscience, to settle it. We can make a decision about it and set it free. As quoted by Kamal Ravikant , “The things I carry are my thoughts. That’s it. They are the only weight. My thoughts determine whether I am free and light or burdened”.

Once you make a decision about something in your mind, stick to it till you, yourself want to change it . It is very important that you do not allow anyone else change or affect it in any way.

This time period of quarantine can be spent reading, writing , thinking and understanding religion  or  in anyway to find the peace you desire. As quoted by our Holy Prophet pbuh:

“The best richness is the richness of the soul”
It is quite a journey to find yourself isn’t it ? you walk through thorns of painful memories and experience them all over again that’s why on the way you feel like giving up. Remember that while doing this you also have to forgive yourself and vow to reform within. All this will be worthwhile when you in the end set  free  your mind and soul and move ahead.

Can’t we find some time away from our cell phones and social media just to hear ourselves out which we were ignoring for a long time. To focus on ourselves, our mental and physical health?

Even the family around us is craving for our company especially our parents and our children.
This quarantine time taught us so many things, as if time froze. The worth of daily routine was never cherished the way we do now. The importance of the worker class , the role of them in our lives , from a house maid to a shopkeeper , from a security guard to a cleaner , every individual will now make a new impact when all this is over hopefully.

The preciousness of shaking hands , hugging a friend and sitting together is now fully acknowledged. Going to mosque or attending a congregation will never be taken for granted now. Due to high risk of elderly people, the children have become parents of them, taking care of them and making sure they follow the precautions. Parents are the anchors we hold on throughout our life, the threat to them is like having our world falling apart.

The time is to look at your family and say thank you, to notice the small things which became our norm otherwise.
Although if we think of this disease we can go in depression therefore we should rather think of it as a time to meditate . Allah has given us time to let our souls breathe, breathe deeply and inhale the positivity around us and then reset our lives with the update of much needed changes. Maybe even small changes like smiling  a little more and laughing a little often and noticing small things around us.

To realize that clothes, jewelry, cars or other things are just mere objects and the real importance is of people around you and their amazing jobs which they do for you. The time and effort we spend on acquiring these things should not exceed than the time span we devote for our people . Nature and ALLAH the Almighty made us pause and ponder over, relax  and then reprogrammed ourselves to get the best of both worlds.

Allah is the most merciful and this quarantine is a mercy in disguise. Maybe on our road to success we might have forgotten to take the key for our final destination which is the happiness of our LORD and our family .


The writer is a senior teacher in Karachi’s reputable school. 



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