Rangers claim arrest of 848 target killers since Sept 2013


KARACHI: Sindh Rangers issued a statement on Tuesday, saying it arrested a total of 848 target killers involved in over 7, 224 killings in Karachi since September 2013.


“Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) carried out targeted operations against target killers in different parts of Karachi since Sept 4, 2013. 848 target killers involved in overall killing of 7, 224 people were apprehended during these operations,” it said.

The statement said that 654 target killers belonging to militant wing of MQM-A were arrested and they confessed to involvement in 5863 target killings.

Over 81% of the 848 target killers are from MQM, it said.

Rangers also arrested 94 target killers of other militant wings including Lyari Gangwar. They also confessed to their involvement in 804 incidents of killings.

In addition, the paramilitary force rounded up 99 target killers of banned organizations involved in 557 incidents of target killings.