Rising to the top: Ibne Ali pursuing his passion in ‘Rap’ genre

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


It was my first year back in 2014, when I decided that the time has come to fulfill the promise I have made to my God All Mighty in primordial stage: To serve the Ahlulbayt(AS0 with my voice. The task was uneasy as I had no experience of recordings and how the things are managed in that process.

When discussed to one of my friend– who is also a leading Photographer and Director Of Production in metropolis, he came with a spontaneous suggestion of utilizing a studio located in Malir (Karachi). He then took me on his bike which I am thankful to him for the generosity he showed at that particular time, picking me up from Sea View all the way to Malir. Till my last breath I will be thankful to him.

The studio was located in a ‘Basement’ area with scarce resources. However, the owner of that studio was welcoming and supported the idea when I apprised him about my aspirations tof recording my fist ever Nauha. It was all a new experience, a break-down of high expectations that to record something was so easy. I remember, I managed to travel from my University to Malir which was not that easy. I had to return my home (Sea View) following the recording session in a bus. With limited amount of money and surely with the divine help, this was ultimately achieved.

Moreover, then there was a menace of massive load shedding. The studio was not equipped with any proper substitute generator facility as I had to wait for 2 hours for the electricity to come. The process of recording started. Initially I used to struggle between finding rhythm on the beats. The entire process was amusing and tiring too. But my voice was noticed by a guy who was employed there in the studio and came to me bringing compliments and praises. He was adamant that he himself would record my 2nd Nauha(Elegy).

I wondered why the guy is so keenly interested in a thing which he was not supposed to do. My recordist was different and the guy who had approached was not assigned to over look my recordings. But my apprehensions were proved wrong. That guy proved himself to be a true artist and a lover of art.

He has had the inclinations towards rap/hip-hop genre. He used to write his own songs and produce his own music. Simultaneously  along with his passion he used to work for his family day and night. He was eighteen then but was full of dreams. The guy name is Omer Ali and recently he changed his name to Ibne-Ali. He recorded My first ever Nauha Mera Dil Karbala, which up to this date is my most favorite Kalam.



Mera dil karbala,Meri jaan karbala

A tribute to the holy soil and the Holy martyrs of karbala.A tribute being presented in a unique way..poetry abstracted from the legendary nauhakhuwan's Book and nauha recited by Sacchay bhai,by the Poet Mujahid lakhnawi with the name of Karbala zindabaad kabala paindabaaad..Special thanks to Ali Shakil,Umair Ali<Mani> and Ghauur Lodhi..Tune composition,concept ,introductory poetry and recitation by Syed Tazmeen JavedSalaam Arze karbala salam Shaudae karbala salaam ansaare Hussain<AS>!.

Posted by ‎Syed Tazmeen Javed سید تضمین جاوید‎ on Thursday, October 30, 2014

This was his gift to me. I am thankful to him. His recording paved the way for me in the years to come. He was always in my prayers and  a bit chat here and there was all we had in the last 4 years which I am apologetic to him. Recently while scrolling on YouTube I encountered his video where he is singing his rap song in his office at KFC.  He was flanked by his colleagues, all supporting him. The video went viral on social media. I had tears in my eyes that a person with whom I started my aspirations, he after all hard work went through is now trending , MASHA ALLAH.

It was a pleasant surprise for me which was followed by interviews and appreciation by his friends circle.


Here is the link of Ibne-Ali Interview


It is unsurprising that we don’t value our hidden talents. I am not that familiar from Rap genre, but I know for sure that Ibne Ali’s talent is special. I would urge all music lovers to support this guy and give him a chance to work for the industry. Mark my words he can do miracles if given proper platform.


Here is the link of his YouTube account:



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