S.Korean actor found dead after facing #MeToo allegations

A South Korean actor accused of sexual assault was found dead on Friday (March 9), reports said, as a wave of #MeToo accusations sweeps the country’s still male-dominated society.


Jo Min Ki, who had been accused of sexually molesting at least eight victims, was found hanged in a storage area in the building where he lived in Seoul, Yonhap news agency cited police as saying, adding that suicide was suspected.

Most of his victims were drama students at a provincial university where he taught, it said, adding that the 52-year-old had been forced out of his professorship over the scandal, leaving his career in tatters.

Jo’s roles were mainly in television series, but he also appeared in a number of films.

The #MeToo movement has gradually gained ground in South Korea, which remains socially conservative and patriarchal in many respects despite its economic and technological advances.



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