Saboor Aly slammed over classist viral video

The sense of humanity is the core of civility. However, if the morals and values are forgotten then a human is immune to sensitize feelings.


Blood and sweat which is poured from the hardworking person are very sacred in the eyes of God. The only pre-requisite is hard work without putting constraints on the mode of work. There is no shame in hard work and any type of work

But perhaps few individuals have tended to forget this lesson that fame which has brought them to spotlight will cease to exist one day. However, what would remain is their conduct and respect for other fellow beings.

Actor Saboor Aly is in hot waters as she shared an Instagram story where she was apparently making fun of a cleaner on the shooting set cleaning window.

In the video, the Bay Qasoor actor could be heard mocking the man as she says, “Kya kya khwab leke iss ki maa ne is ko ghar se bejha tha (His mother must have had big dreams when she sent him to work).”

She then turns the camera towards Khattak, who adds, “Ye apni bedsheet bhi subha uth ke theek nahi karta hoga, kambal bhi apna teh nahi karta hoga, (He won’t even clean his bedsheet or fold his blanket in his home).”


And Aly didn’t stop there. She then asked her co-star Affan Waheed’s comments on the matter, to which he simply responded, “Mehnat kar raha hai bechara (he’s working hard).”

These classists comment created an uproar on social media as people censored her for making a mockery of  a person from different strata.

However, Saboor Aly spoke up over the matter and claimed the person cleaning the window was an associate director and it was all fun.



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