Sadiq calls on Mirza, offers condolences on demise of his mother

KARACHI: Speaker of the National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq on Monday visited Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza at his residence here and offered condolences on demise of his mother.


Speaking to media, Ayaz Sadiq said Asif Ali Zardari had him met with Mirza some 20 years ago, adding, “Today it was not the occasion or else I would have asked Fahmida Mirza for tips to run affairs of Assembly”.

“Those who do not accept me being NA speaker, actually refuse to accept the constitution,” he said. “I am a constitutionally elected speaker of the National Assembly.”

He said that he was away from organisational affairs of his party since he took over office of the NA speaker.

“There have been many instances since 2013 when people spoke of rolling back the (democratic) system,” Sadiq said, maintaining that every institution in the country was working in its constitutional ambit and will continue to do so. “Democracy in the state will further strengthen.”

Speaking with regard to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the speaker said a committee was being formed in this regard, for which the nomination of opposition members was pending.

He urged political parties in the country to evolve a joint strategy for further strengthening of the National Action Plan.

Ayaz Sadiq said that effective implementation of NAP was crucial and it needed to be further reinforced. “This is important to tackle the serious challenges faced by the country,” he added.


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