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Salman Azmi, poet who has served Ahlulbayt(As) is no more between us. Son of an iconic poet Dr. Rehan Azmi was known to be the future legend. Like his father he was serving the family of Prophet (Saww) with dedication and in accordance to the timely needs.

He breathed his last on Saturday, 17 November 2018 battling the mortality which could not defeat him. He may not be physically present but the message he has contributed for Ahlulbayt (AS) will thrive, and live till eternity.

He started writing Nauha (Elegy) with a ‘Tazmeen’ (Addition to the existent form of poetic work) on famous Nauha “Aaj Zainab Yateem Hogai” “Today Zainab’s has become an Orphan”— a remembrance  of occasion where Muslim’s 4th Caliph, Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) was assassinated on 21st Ramadhan. Salman penned down few verses of the Nauha for the senor and veteran NauhaKhuwan Faheem Haider.

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I personally never met him and had a desire to some day meet the gem and discuss my future Nauhas (Elegy) in the coming years.  A regret which I will carry for my entire life.

Hardly 30, Salman had done  so much that he was considered to be the final stone when it comes to get approval for any Kalaam. He had written Nauhas, Manqabat(Praises for Ahlulbayt) for upcoming young generation. Most famous were the kalaam for Nadeem Sarwar’s sons— Ali Shanawar, Ali Jee.

Perhaps the greatest work he did was for Senior NauhaKhuwan Mesum Abbas. Mesum, this year recited a nauha on ‘Zafar -e Jin, which could not have been possible without the expertise of departed soul, Salman Azmi.

But few are aware that Salman also contributed for Coke Studio Season 10. Famous Song Allahu Akbar sang by Shafaqat Amanat Ali Khan and Ahmed Jahanzaib was co-written by Salman Azmi.


Similarly, Salman was also a  co-poet for  famous ‘Aaqa’ , sang by maestro Abida Parveen and Ali Sethi.

Salman, you are not amongst us, but your Kalaams will live forever. Sad for me, that no main stream media even reported the loss of his life. But he does not require any validation from this world because his work has been truly endorsed by Prophet Muhammad (Saww) and Ahlulbayt(AS)

He rightly said:

دیدار کروں مر کر اُنکا، یا اُڑ کے نجف کو جا پہنچوں
اس دل میں علی (ع) سے ملنے کے ارمان بدلتے رہتے ہیں۔۔

You are requested to pray for the departed soul and recite Surah-Fateha for him.

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