Sardar Usman Buzdar elected CM Punjab

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) nominee for Punjab chief minister slot, Usman Buzdar has been elected as the chief executive of the largest province of pakistan in terms of population, as he secure 186 votes defeating Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) candidate Hamza Shahbaz on Sunday.


The Punjab assembly law makers assembled today to elect the leader of the house.

This is for the first time in a decade that the reign of Lahore (Takht-e-Lahore) has been shifted from PML (N) to an another party.

Hamza, son of ex cm Punjab secured 159 votes.

It is pertinent to mention that already the PTI backed and former CM Punjab Pervaiz Elhai was elected as the Punjab assembly speaker on Thursday.

On Saturday prime minister Imran Khan has endorsed his decision over nominating Usman Buzadar as the chief minister of Punjab.

After a social media fury as per the reports, that the nominated CM Punjab resolved his murder case by paying blood money, the PTI chief asserted that it has taken 2 weeks time after ‘due diligence’ of assessment to nominate Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab, who hails from a impoverished area.

According to Newsone, elected Punjab’s chief minister Usman Buzdar resolved his murder case by giving blood money to settle the dispute.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman and prime minister Imran Khan announced the nomination of Sardar Usman Buzdar as the CM Punjab, on Friday.

The premier also claimed that the nominated CM Punab hails from a backward district in Punjab, having no water, electricity and health facilities.

The sources said that a case was registered against 20 people over involvement in the murder, adding that the people had opened fire while campaigning for Buzdar in 1998.

A court had declared the PTI’s nominee for Punjab CM and others offenders in the case, police sources further sonfided.

However, Buzdar and his father paid Rs750,000 as blood money and settled the case, police sources added.


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