Several caught in Karachi over alleged involvement in Police Officers murder

KARACHI: An operation Tuesday night in the metropolis’ Tharo Lane resulted in the detention of several suspects suspected of being involved in the murder of a police officer in Garden a few days ago, authorities said.


Another officer was severely wounded when his fellow was shot at and killed by suspects in December.

According to police sources, a raid was conducted last night in Garden Town’s Tharo Lane after intel was received about the presence of members of the infamous Jamil Changa group, which is suspected of being connected to the attack on police officers.

Contingents from several police stations from Karachi’s District East participated in the search operation, which led to the detention of several suspects as well as the recovery of weapons and drugs.

However, three gang war suspects — identified as Asad, Farhan, and Nadir — managed to escape arrest.

Questioning of the detainees was underway, police sources mentioned, adding that the attack a few days ago had martyred officer Sohail and left officer Farhad wounded.


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