Shaheed Aitizaz Hassan – the boy who was too big for a bomb.

His friend use to joke ‘’ you’re too big for a bomb. There is little that a bomb can do to hurt you,” they would tease him. They talked about suicide bombers all the time.


But, little do they know, when death would come knocking at their doors, it would be this Aitizaz Hassan who would stand in the way and take it all upon himself to save his colleagues.

Today is his 4th anniversary.

4 years ago, he leaped on a suicide bomber who was trying to enter in his school while assembly was going on. The unprecedented bravery displayed by this young boy averted a catastrophe.

He was an average student who wanted to join the army.

Aitizaz wanted to sacrifice his life for his country, and he did it with consummate valor. On that morning, he saved nearly 700 boys in the morning assembly that day and embraced immortality. His name will forever resound in the hearts and minds of the nation and his courage and valor be a beacon for others to follow, those who care about humanity rather than themselves, those who ‘seize the day’ and are forever revered as Immortal.


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