Shahid Afridi laments over water shortages in Karachi despite being near to sea

Pakistani star, former cricketer Shahid Afridi has asked authorities over the water crisis being faced by the people of Karachi in a tweet on Monday.


The ‘Boom Boom’ cricketer expressed dismay over the problems faced by the people of metropolis still after 70 years of Pakistan’s creation.

Water crisis in Karachi is rising due to the illegal connections, operation of water hydrants and due to less rain, which has caused water level at Hub dam to reach to it lowest form in recent days.

On Saturday, Karachi residents were seen forming long queues at a hydrant, which entertains between 300 and 400 requests to provide water tankers.

The main sources of water for Karachi are Keenjhar lake (Indus River) and Hub dam, from where water is pumped through three main bulk pumping stations located at Dhabeji, Gharo, and Hub.


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