She was normal with Ali Zafar: Meehsa Shafi’s friend record statement in accused favor

LAHORE: On Thursday a woman who is believed to be a close childhood friend of actor Meesha Shafi recorded her statement before a sessions court seized with a defamation suit moved by actor/singer Ali Zafar and refuted the allegation of sexual harassment leveled by the former against the latter.


“I know Meesha Shafi since grade-VII,” said Sara Razee in her oral and written statement, adding that she also knew Ali Zafar for almost 20 years.

“I didn’t notice anything out of order. Meesha was very normal with Ali Zafar and in fact she was sitting at his piano,” the witness said.

She also gave details of an event where Ms Shafi’s meeting with Mr Zafar (after the alleged incident of harassment) at Hassan Shaheryar Yaseen (HSY) party in February 2018.

“I remember meeting Meesha with Ali and distinctly remember this night because of two reasons, one Meesha was wearing an interesting dress attire, secondly we were upstairs at HSY’s house and there was a sofa bench splitting his lounge into two. There were people on both sides of this bench. I remember distinctly Meesha to cross over this bench to meet Ali,” the witnessed said in her statement.

The statement further said, “I was startled because the normal way to meet somebody was to go around the room and say ‘hello’. However, Meesha decided to jump over the bench in excitement of seeing Ali. I did not notice any reservation on Meesha’s part towards Ali.”


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