Sheikh Rasheed predicts about “Big Names” in Sindh to be arrested

LAHORE: On Saturday, Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed predicted that “big names” in Sindh will be arrested soon in the money laundering case.


Rasheed said this while addressing a press conference at Lahore.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the Hyderabad Express on November 15,’ he further informed.

It has been decided that the Lahore-Faisalabad train will travel till Multan,” he said, adding “The Pakistan Railway Academy Walton will be turned into a university.

Rasheed added, Retired contract employees will be let go in a years time.”

Pointing towards the money laundering case, Rasheed said, Huge things are going to be uncovered from the ice-cream [falooda] vendor. The ice-cream vendors account will tell us who is profiting which can lead to great arrests in Sindh.


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