Some people conspiring to get elections delayed: Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif said today that some people are conspiring to somehow delay the upcoming general elections, scheduled to be held on June 25.


“Such people appear before every election,” he said while speaking to journalists outside the accountability court. “This is going to a big election.

He appeared today before the Accountability Court in Al Azizia reference filed by the National Accountability Bureau(NAB) on the orders of Supreme Court.

Nawaz’ s counsel Khawaja Harris is cross examining prosecution star witness Wajid Zia, as the court later permitted Nawaz to leave the premises.

Furthermore Nawaz also added “Ups and downs are a part of life. A person should try to stay happy all the time.”

Moreover, seasoned politician Javed Hashmi also reached the accountability court to receive Nawaz.

“I am here to congratulate Mian sahab,” he said. “PML-N completed its five-year tenure even though there was daily speculation that the government would end soon.”

Hashmi further remarked that delaying elections will pose a threat to democracy.


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