Staying back due to ‘Queer Politics’, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Junior

Grandson of former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and son of assassinated Mir Murtaza Ali Bhutto expressed his pleasure for performing ‘Drag Dance’, and the only reason for him to stay in U.S was because he fears that he might not carry out his art in Pakistan, where he would face resentment.


“People are not ready to hear our story, but when you make it fun and make it worth listening to they will listen.”

“People will say wait, he’s a Muslim, oh wait, he’s a queer Muslim dancing in a bar. So in a way, you are seducing your audience.”

“A part of being queer is ‘DIY’ making your own space.”

 Talking to “The New York Times”, Junior Bhutto also  said that politics is not for him.

“I respect what my father ( Murtaza Bhutto) did. He dedicated his entire life to a cause, he made himself physically vulnerable for a cause, I respect that – but, honestly, it’s not for me.”

Drag Dance is in which the performer dresses himself, or herself as the opposite gender, however men usually do it to subdue their masculinity, as claimed by ZAB junior in his interview.

Bhutto moved to the United States in 2014 to pursue his Masters of Fine Arts at San Francisco Art Institute.


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