Steps against banned organizations unprecedented, never happened before: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that no other government in the past took steps against banned outfits like the current government  and restated that Pakistan has no links with banned outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammad, the forbidden organization India claimed was responsible for the Pulwama attack.


Giving an interview to the Financial Times, a British publication, PM Khan said Pakistan for the first time the entire network of banned outfits is being dismantled.

PM said India was possessed with the “war hysteria” at the forefront of the elections and called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a provoker for adopting to the air strike in Pakistan following the Pulwama attack in which more than 40 indian paramilitary soldiers died.

PM held Modi’s “anti-Muslim” government and its oppressive politics in the Indian-Occupied Kashmir (IoK) responsible for the attack dismissing  allegations that Pakistan has had any connection with the Pulwama attack.

Premier said Pakistan could not permit terror factions to systematize with indemnity on its land. “We cannot take the stance any more where you have these armed groups in our country, we can’t afford being blamed for any terrorist activity, like Pulwama,” he said.

Strain between Pakistan and India mounted after Indian trespassing into Pakistani airspace and ensuing knocking down of two Indian aircrafts by the Pakistan Air Force previous month.

Indian pilot Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistan Air Force and was sent back to India as a peace offering by Pakistan.
PM said Pakistan was “pretty close to an agreement” with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when asked about country’s economic troubles.


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