Stop Being Judgmental: Empathy missing from society

By: Sabeen Aijaz


Ubuntu Nguni Bantu (language spoken in south africa)term meaning “humanity.” It is often translated as “I am because we are,” I dont know why but the glitter in this actor’s eyes and his smile is not letting me believe that he committed the horrific act of suicide . He being a hindu or an Indian doesn’t stop me from thinking that why people reach to such an extent that they end their life . The feeling of distress is more when you feel that no one is there or that you are not good enough . Throughout my teaching career I have taught hundreds of students and charming youth like him, and today I can say that a very important aspect of mental health issue is that everyone is fighting a war within and in his/her own scenario. Initially as teachers we used to address mostly the issues of weak students , students from depressed , broken families or students with learning problems but gradually I also understood that genius and bright students also have their own struggling issues. The expectations which they have from themselves , from parents by community are enough to cause them stress when they cant give their 100%. The meaning of a true friend and a listener has become crucial as we see that celebrities like him ,may have millions of followers but not any one person who can reach their heart. Acceptance has become a rare phenomenon in our societies .

The society needs to forgive and ignore the shortcomings of other people . Setting an example , our Holy prophet PBUH has always taught us to accept people with faults and to ignore the shortcomings . Instead he PBUH inspired them to bring them closer to Lord . If it wasnt for forgiving sins committedby people before accepting Islam then no Muslim would have been welcomed with open arms in our beautiful religion. Today as a society we are failing because we are not following the true teachings of our beloved holy prophet PBUH . Words matter , whether you speak to someone , comment or write on social media or give remarks about someone in general . Allah has forbidden us to abuse , to be harsh or to boycott someone . If this is understood we will never force our opinions on anyone , no forced marriages in interior sindh or no killings people of other faiths. we should learn to forgive , giving punishment is the duty of courts not ours.

Do not put everyone on trial. Let them breath and give them personal space , maybe they will learn from their mistakes or maybe they weren’t wrong at all . Its the perspective by which u judje others , thats important so stop judging . After all we all are humans and we can make mistakes . We are asked not to publicize anybody’s faults but unfortunately that’s the only thing we do nowadays . The happenings around us are for a reason. No soul is unimportant to Allah the Almighty and everyone is answerable for his/her sayings and doings. Be careful, be kind and be soft not only to others but to yourself also. You dont know the true story of other person . Make a bond with Allah the best listener who sent us in this world for a purpose . We were not thrown in this world without any guidelines or expectations by our creator . worry about these expectations . Be it the death of George Floyd , death of child worker in Karachi and other places by their employers or suicide of Sushant . Each event happening is a test and learning experience for us. Instead of debating on minor social aspects or their religion , we should focus to bring positive changes in our society , so that events like these never happen again . Much is written about the betterment of society and people are there who strive for a change within , read more books and unlearn and learn. Try to know the people in a better way to make things better for them so that our LORD makes things easy for us hereafter. Saving a human is saving mankind as quoted by Quran and here Allah doesn’t say saving a Muslim .

Humanity is the most beautiful and important thing .forgive people and move on . Dont be a trial for them in this world. In the darkest of days In a world of chaos It chokes me to see What people do to others Sharp tongues and hasty judgments not letting others to breath physically and emotionally be it George Floyd in public or zahra at home nobody is spared nobody forgiven they left the world yearning for kindness and we all stand in court of guilt the world is already at brink because of wars and disasters The darkness of despair surrounds me seeing the best ones disheartened mocked by people and hurt please let us not fail as society as we are followers of best of the best let the light penetrate and end this darkness light of kindness light of love to understand and listen for each one of us is important and each one precious and created meticulously by the greatest and magnificent for success is not bringing down anyone as karma will hit no matter what so the light of hope is given by you and given by me surely in depths of despair the light will emerge and brighten our world as HE created us humans and humans we are the prophet PBUH hugs Bilal R.A and Ali a.s protects orphans and Hussein stands alone in mass of opressors for surely remember that someone (mehdi a.s )will come and justice will prevail and with kindness and love the hearts are conquered so let us just become humans and be the ones HE wants us to be .

Writer is a teacher at a reputed school. situated in Karachi 



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