Talent needs no introduction: Let us pay tribute to unsung artist fraternity of Pakistan

By Syed Tazmeen Javed


In a world where there is just a mere claim to respect the “seniors and accept the Juniors” and no more practical support to endorse the junior,  I thought that it is imperative to introduce few emerging talents who are not credited enough on their achievements.

The time has, therefore, come to present before the world those artists who are not in the mainstream but surely would one day make their way on TV screens based on their credentials.


Starting from Shahrukh Abbas– a name who does not need any further introduction. A guy who was in backing vocals of the Coke Studio 2015 Abida Parveen and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan “Chaap Tilak” has once again released his “Peer Ali” being complimented across Pakistan. A must watch video for every listener as he belongs to a classical family making name for himself.

Mirza Brothers: Mirza Hassan Mujtaba and Aizaz Mehdi the duo who are setting footprints by creating a trend within their limited resources released recently Azaan and Dua Seher that would leave you in awe.


Syed Tazmeen Javed: That is me, released Mustafa(Saww) Jane Man from the platform of TNA last year written by the poet Yawar Yousfi.

Qamrain: A young boy who is energetic and emerging DOP with the collaboration of Al Baqei Studio came up with a video of 12 different reciters paying tribute to Ustaas Sibt-e- Jafar shaeed- the ultimate king of recitals and latmiyas.


Raza Naqvi: A reciter sticking to his basics and performing well and keeping up the traditional values alive. Personally, I like his voice.

Mehdi Abbas: A commanding voice in elocution recently released his Ramzan Kaalam “Aya Ramzan. He has a clear dialect and voice delivery.

Qaseem and Mufeed; As an elder brother Qaseem Zaidi leading his brother, Mufeed who undoubtedly under the guidance learning from his expertise. This is one of my favorites.

Moazam Akbar. A friend of mine from Larkana released and paid tribute to Legendary Nadeem Sarwar while recording Sindh Version of Haider (AS) Maula. You will love this track.


Ahmed Habib Nagri: A voice from Baltistan sweet as sugar recently released his tribute to the valley of Gilgit Baltistan. A song with a soulful melody will make you fall in love with the beauty of Pakistan.

Taha Mehdi and Waheed Rizvi. Both need no introduction. A unique voice on their own making name from themselves. I have the utmost respect for them. Taha and Waheed have a massive following on social media platforms.



Imran Haider Hashmi:  A very good friend of mine and a sincere talent from Islamabad having great depth in his voice and can recite in different languages. I pray for his success.


Syed Azaz Haider Naqvi: An artist who many look towards him to gain his insight as he possesses extreme control over his voice. This is my favorite kalam.


And in the end, I would extend thanks to the poet for penning down these beautiful kalams. It was impossible without them.


The purpose of writing this brief blog is to tell the world that talent is not someone’s authority. However, it is quite appalling in Pakistan that we don’t tend to extend our support and feedbacks to our unsung heroes. #ResoecttheEmergingTalent is what I want to see in this society to prevail. Let us extend hands together to support each other.

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