The inheritors Karachi feeding people of all faith in the month of Ramazan

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Ramazan is about the feeling for others. If the feeling is dead then there is no way to claim humanity. Therefore, I decided to briefly write about an organization that is rolling Dastarkhuwan to serve food in Karachi.

Headed by Shahmeer Alam Nadeem, the inheritors Karachi along with other charity organizations are working tirelessly to provide healthy food at a minimum rate.

Talking to this correspondent, Shahmeer Alam informed that currently, they are working on project name Asan Rizq in which we give each plate of biryani of 10r RS at 2 locations ‘Kashmir Road’ and ‘UP Mord’.

Moreover, they distributed 500+ ration bags and flour bags are serving 1000 plus people daily.

They also organize Aftari near Cantt station (Karachi) where around 1000 people are fed daily.

In a time of de-sensitivity all around, these charity organizations are the hope in the dark tunnel, calling our conscience to be awakened and participate in the process of feeding the needy.

Moreover, they have extended Ramzan Food in Balochistan as well.


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