The ‘Junoon’ is back

WEB DESK: The ever-popular sufi rock band “Junoon” is back with a bang after fourteen years, and people couldn’t be more happier about it.


A post, shared by a biscuit company on twitter, took Junoon’s fan by surprise and the post was enough to revive the yearning and longing every Junooni has had for the release of another album or even another song by the beloved Sufi rock band.

Tracing back to the 1990’s, the Band was so popular inside and outside of the country among people that it was regarded as one of the most successful bands of the South Asia by Q Magazine- monthly magazine in United Kingdom. Junoon was formed in 1990 by the lead guitarist Salman Ahmed, which was later joined by Vocalist Ali Azmat, Keyboardist Nusrat Hussain and Bassist Brian’O Connell.

They together, achieved many milestones but soon after some years of fame and fortune, they parted ways leaving the fans yearning for more and shook their world upside down, since then their ardent fans have been eyeing on the band’s reunion.­

It’s not the first time when talks about their reunion surfaced, earlier in the year of 2017 Ali Azmat uploaded a status on Facebook which reads “Who wants’ to see South Asia’s biggest Band ‘Junoon’ reunite this Year?”on his official Facebook page.


In 2014, rumors spread like wild fire and fan got pumped up with anticipation about the legendary band’s reunion until Ali Azmat himself put an end to the rumors declaring that the band members are not planning a reunion at the moment.

The previous union was not possible according to Ali Azmat since the he claimed that, other band members were in the US while he was residing in Pakistan.




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