The traits of Super heroes

By: |Sabeen Ajaz| ( Teacher at DA Public School O and A Levels Karachi)


“Even in this century you say that Holy prophet (PBUH) is our role model? Times have changed mom! and this age is so advanced! We have our superh eroes!”

As I heard this, a smile crossed my face and I asked my son to sit down and listen to me . “Tell me what are role models for?  Are they only a fantasy or you can truly follow them ?

What are the things you want to see in your role model or superhero? My 10 year old thought deeply and said in a serious tone

“ I may not follow my superhero completely as I don’t have magic powers but I want to be rich and famous like them.” I smiled and thought for a second to answer this. You know I can completely follow my super hero and if I do, I also get some magic powers even your superheroes were on a mission right?

To finish the bad people and bring good in the society, you see our Holy prophet Pbuh is my super hero, he came and eradicated all evil in the society and preached the morals and values to the people. He also had magic powers like tolerance, honesty, kindness and truthfulness.

He was forgiving  but yet firm, brave however, more compassionate to weak, was very pious and worshiped a lot  but was never oblivious of his worldly duties. He became a leader to the world’s best Muslim’s state butDepartment of International Relations, University of Karachi he was humble and kind. He always kept his word and people had blind faith in him as he never ever spoke a lie.

People grew so much love for him that they could sacrifice their life for him. You see my child that all these attributes, these characters work in this world too, if you have courage, honesty, truthfulness and kindness nobody can take away your inner peace or happiness.

Love is the greatest power, if you love yourself you live rightly , if you love others , you work and care for them, but if you love your Lord you do all to please him and He says to follow our Prophet (Pbuh). I love my super hero and I want to follow everything he said and you know the most important thing. No other super hero can claim to help us at the day of judgment but my super hero promised that if I live accordingly, He’ l be there for me on the day of resurrection to intercede.



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