Two aspiring and inspiring brothers making name for themselves through unique voices

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


It is very rare that individuals to the whole extent utilize their potential to the extreme limit. Those who do search for avenues where they could display their talent always succeed. It is just a continuous test of patience that their struggle is worth watching and eventually triggering me to write an article.

As I have always believed to introduce familiar faces at newsone platform, especially for the ones who are sincere with their work. This is by not any means to take credits but to share with the larger world— our un-sung heroes who deserve due compliments.

Two such examples are Mirza Hassan Mujtaba— a poet cum vocalist and his younger brother Mirza Aizaz Mehdi.

Mirza Hassan Mujtaba is a renowned poet in Shia Muslim community but due to his different and unique compositions not only confined to Nauha(Elegy) Nasheed and Manqabat (Praising the family of Prophet (SAWW)), he is also producing national songs which are worth watching.

Recently, he also released a special nauha on the occasion of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA) martyrdom which is so emotional and relates us back to 1400 years.

Whereas his younger brother– Mirza Aizaz Mehdi, his partner in different videos as both have had performed together is also aspiring to be a lead vocalist under the guidance of his elder brother.

I have loved their work. I pray also for their success because their services for Muhammad (SAWW) O Ale Muhammad (AS) are based on sincerity.

Sharing below few of their combined and individual efforts:

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