US pressuring Pakistan to hide its defeat in Afghanistan: Khurram Dastgir

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday. foreign Minister of Pakistan said the United States constantly pressurises Pakistan in order to hide its defeat in Afghanistan.


“In order to cover up for its defeat during its war in Afghanistan, US pressurises Pakistan,” the foreign minister said while addressing a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad along with Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal.

“Relations with US are important and we wish to continue talks with them,” the foreign minister asserted.

Responding to a question regarding the downward trend in Pakistan-US relations after 9/11, Dastgir said, “In 2011, a few incidents happened which deteriorated our relations.”

“First was the Raymond Davis incident, then the attack on World Trade Centre masterminded by Osama Bin Laden and then the Salala incident in which US forces martyred 24 Pakistani soldiers,” he said.


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