Waqar Zaka once again admits his reality show was not family oriented

Famous Television personality, Waqar Zaka admitted that his content produced for a reality show was not for the family.


This he said while replying to a question related to how to increase YouTube views also added that only creating good content along with luck favoring you will get you more views.

He stressed new YouTubers who are depressed about their views are not increasing to recite daily prayers to please God and read Quran with translation.

This is not for the first time Waqar Zaka admitted that the content he produced for Living on The Edge (Reality Show) was not family-oriented. However, he also denounced his mistake after he realized that it is imperative to produce good content suitable for all audiences.

"Video par views nhi arahey to Namaz parhein." Case solved by #WaqarZaka. #SocialMediaReporter #Champion Vlog #136

Posted by Ahsan Umar on Friday, December 6, 2019


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