Waseem Akhtar vows to serve Karachi despite limited resources

KARACHI: Waseem Akhtar on Tuesday said people of Karachi know how much authority has been given to the mayor. He said there is not a single street in Karachi without water and sewerage problem.


The mayor visited Lines Area in Karachi and inspected the cleanliness campaign.

Before going there, he talked to the media and said he is going to inaugurate the same union council that elected him as chairman.

Waseem Akhtar said that people elected him first as chairman and then as mayor, and he would do everything to sort out their problems.

Furthermore, he added that despite the limited resources given to him, he would not lose hope and work as much for the people as he could.

People greeted him by throwing flowers on him on his arrival, but he stopped them from doing so. He said it is waste of money and that he has not done such a thing to be showered with flowers.

He said that time is less and problems are more, but he will try to solve them and resume the works that have been stopped before.


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