Watch: Chinese engineers brawl with police officials in Khanewal

Web Desk: A fight broke out between police officials and Chinese engineers after the latter attempted to leave camp without security.


In a video, Chinese citizens were trying to leave their camp without security and were advised against it.

Security officials tried to stop the engineers and the situation escalated into a brawl. The engineers attacked a police mobile and cut off electricity supply to the police camp.

The incident took place in Kabirwala tehsil of Khanewal. Chinese engineers working on the M4 motorway got into an argument with the police which escalated into a physical fight.

Project Engineer Danny hurled a chair at the squad in-charge, while one of his colleagues climbed on top of a police mobile.

It is pertinent to mention here that the this is not the first time that Chinese officials have fought with police officials. In 2006, Chinese engineers fought with police officers stationed at a camp near Shujabad.


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