Will oppose Steel Mills and PIA privatization, Raza Rabbani

Karachi: Addressing the media in a press conference ex-chairman Senate Raza Rabbani said that him and his party are in complete opposition of the privatization attempts being made on two of the biggest state owned institutes, PIA and Steel Mills.


‘We will oppose the privatization because in our estimation the practice is based on ill-will,’ said the ex chairman senate.

‘IMF has told the government that the institutes are bearing a burden of heavy losses and should be privatized, who is IMF to dictate the government?’ He inquired emphatically.

‘The government is trying to obliterate the working class, the institutes should be handed over to the employees.’ he added further.

‘EOBI should be handed over to the provinces in essence of the 18th amendment, whereas the secretary finance has admitted that EOBI’s 3 billion rupees have been handed over to the provinces.’ ‘State Institutes should work under the designated guidlines.’ He lambasted.

He also said that he respects the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), If there are MoU’s being signed elsewhere then they should be brought in the Parliament, He hailed a citizens right to know the clauses of the financial contracts being signed by the current regime.



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