Woman alleges husband for torturing her after refusing to dance before friends

LAHORE: According to media reports, a woman in Lahore was allegedly tortured and her head was shaved by her husband after she refused to dance in front of his friends.


According to the woman, who identified herself as Asma Aziz, claimed in a video that her husband Mian Faisal and his friends beat her with pipes, shaved her head, and threatened to strangle her when she refused to dance in front of them.

In the video, Asma said her husband had the house help hold her down, while he shaved her hair and set it on fire. She also said she was beaten routinely by her husband whom she had married four years ago.

Asma added that she somehow managed to escape from the house the next day to the police station, where she was asked for money and not even given a registration slip against her complaint.


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