World urged to make clear call for India to end bloodshed in Occupied Kashmir


NEW YORK: Pakistan has urged the international community to make a clear call for ending the bloodshed in Occupied Kashmir.


This has been impressed upon the UN Human Rights Council by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN, ambassador Tehmina Janjua.

She urged to conduct a fair, independent and transparent investigation for extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations of the Indian occupation forces.

She said people of Occupied Kashmir had been struggling for over six decades to realize their right to self-determination.

She informed the Human Rights Council that over one hundred thousand Kashmiris had lost their lives since 1989.

The Ambassador added that India is desperately seeking to deflect attention from its state terrorism by claiming that the uprising has no internal roots and equating the Kashmiri struggle with terrorism.

Earlier, in an interview with Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations said international community has been fully appraised about the human rights situation and the atrocities being committed by India against the innocent Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir.

She said that Pakistan’s special envoy Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari who was sent to Geneva had an opportunity to meet and discuss the situation in Kashmir with important dignitaries.