Youth assaulted by influential individual accompanied with armed guards at Tariq Road Karachi

KARACHI: According to NewsOne a youngster along with his friends assaulted a University student in Tariq Road area.


The details were shared about the incident, the accused identified as Shahzeb Panjwani accompanied by his armed private security guards allegedly encroached Moeen Arif Qadri’s apartment intimidating others as well by waving weapons, physically harmed him  and later  abducted the latter.

But Moeen’s friend saved him from further injuries.

The face of the accused was also recorded on the CCTV camera located in the apartment.

Accused Shahzeb Pajnwani is son of a famous body builder living in Karachi, sources confided.

However, the police informed the media that they are investigating the matter, as up til now First Information Report(FIR) has not been launched against the main suspect.




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