Youths of Karachi organized seminar on “Kashmir seeks attention”

By: Syed Tazmeen Javed


KARACHI: The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on Friday organized a seminar on the topic “Kashmir seeks attention”— “Kashmir Tawajjo Chata hai” in which students and people from different segments of society participated.

Jaag Karachi which is famous for organizing thought-provoking seminars on different topics came forward in a bid to show solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir as Pakistan on the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan observed #KashmirHour to show solidarity with the people of the occupied valley a day earlier.

Addressing students, a digital media journalist, Syed Fawad Raza said that the world wants to hear logical arguments along with peaceful protests as mere slogans in favor of Kashmir will not be futile. The seminar was also attended by an expert on regional security– Faizullah Khan who urged that competent diplomacy on the International level is the need of time.

Faizullah further added that the world must be made aware that why Islamabad calls “Kashmir a jugular vein” with solid evidence. Slamming the atrocities committed by the Indian forces on unarmed Kashmiris, Faizullah demanded the government that the policies which were continued by the state for seventy years must come to a halt. He stressed that Pakistan must come forward with a comprehensive policy for the next seventy years to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

The seminar came to end with the speech of Imtiaz Faran– who was presiding the seminar and was welcomed by Jaag Karachi president Umair Wahab.

On Friday, Pakistan observed a Kashmir hour to show solidarity with the people of IOK against the Indian atrocities which further escalated following the scrapping of Article 370 by the Indian government headed by Hindu Supermacict– Narendra Modi.

Step by New-Delhi has brought serious criticism from the world as reports emerging that 1000s of people have been detained by the security forces and hospitals have been turned into graveyard amid complete curfew and media lockdown.



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