Huge set back for MQM(P): Deputy Mayor Arshad Wohra joins PSP

KARACHI: Deputy Mayor Arshad Wohra will  join Pak Sar Zameen party, sources confirm


According to Media reports Wohra will announce his joining in the press conference as he reached Pak Sar Zameen office situated in Defence.

Arshad Wohra  was elected on the ticket of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (Pakistan)  as the vice mayor of Karachi, back in December 2015.

There are credible reports endorsing rifts, differences within MQM(P) ranks.

Whereas Farooq Sattar the senior leader of MQM(P) had denied reports which were confirming differences between top brass of MQM(P) leadership.

Farooq Sattar alleged that credible power centers  are pressurizing MQM(P) leaders to give their joining to Pak Sar Zameen Party.



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