Stunning Change of Events in USA as Vote Recount Proceeds

One of the most viewed and followed elections world over were the USA’s fight of the titans where President Trump appeared unmoved after a few days of the results that had projected Joseph Biden as the President elect.


However, the Republicans took to the streets in a human number show of power and their support for President Trump seeking a recount of the votes in various States through the Justice Department with no holds barred, where it is said that the Republican observers were blatantly blocked from overseeing the voting process.

Joseph Biden had earlier been recalled from the intel briefings as reported and withheld from moving forward towards The White House by the sizeable intrusion of the Republicans’ massive move while President Trump swiftly introduced operation Warp Speed bringing to the public the news of the vaccine for COVID-19, not accepting defeat in any quarters.

This chain of surprising events led to the MAGA Million March at Washington DC where it turned out into a confrontation of the Republicans and the Democrats resulting in a tweet from Donald J Trump that the mayor mismanaged the administration.

This turn of events has not been witnessed in the USA since years. It is reported through various news channels that certain intelligence agencies had since the beginning of Trump’s Term had been working to get him off the power seat at The White House including the much hyped mid-term impeachment. This was recently brought to surface along with other various facts, which were unknown till a few days ago.

To shock the world further it was brought to surface by President Trump that the Dominion voting machine was hacked. Furthering this many YouTubers started posting videos of how to hack a voting machine. The fact remains that no matter what, a voting machine like the Dominion is a scanner and printer in one. Although, with protective seals once a paper jam occurs in these, the seals however, have to be broken to get the machine running again therefore the machine can be hacked or misused.

Meanwhile, President Trump,s Attorney Rudy Giuliani took to the courts where recounts of the votes for the states were approved without delay.


Earlier, Attorney General Bill Barr authorised Federal Prosecutors to investigate allegations of “voting irregularities” in the 2020 election last Monday.

In a memo sent by Barr, Justice Department prosecutors could investigate specific allegations of voter fraud before the election results are certified in December.

The memo added, however, that “specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched claims should not be a basis for initiating federal inquiries.”

The memo, which critics see as the DOJ wading into the US election, prompted the resignation of Richard Pilger, the official who oversees voter fraud allegations for the department, the New York Times reported. And this was just to begin with.

President Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani have repeatedly made broad allegations of voter fraud in a number of states. A few days ago, the Republican team came up with innumerable affidavits showing votes cast by deceased voters. As the court verdicts started coming in Trump’s favour a surprising change of coverage cropped up from the main stream channels who had earlier been reporting a sure shot Biden victory, now giving more airtime to Republican’s claim of voter fraud.

Earlier, today it was stated by Rudy Giulani that President Trump was in a good mood and confident over the results as reported by another mainstream news channel.

Where, Joseph Biden’s supporters are trying to push their way to The White House, claiming it a victory for the Democrats, it seems things might take much longer, with President Trump’s strategic moves in establishing his second term. The same channel that had earlier been reporting the Democrat victory, further reported that there could be an overturn of the results that had rolled in earlier as the vote recount comes in the Republican favour.


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