‘This Is Paris’ hits YouTube

The billionaire heiress who had made her way mingling in the right circles and gained a huge following with her coy and poise, her gait and smile and oops her voice, recently joined the documentary rush.


This is Paris is the title to the much revealing and stunning documentary which Paris Hilton has just come out with. It seems that with passage of time Paris now wants a more serious and matter of fact approach towards life. She doesn’t want to be remembered as the image she had created earlier of herself.

In the documentary she boldly admits that the voice and persona she had been putting on for years was not her real self which she says is (the businesswoman she is). And that she would want to be remembered by the image that she is projecting now.

Admitting that she used a baby voice to match her Barbie-like persona, Paris is heard saying “sorry I’m so used to being playing a character that it’s hard for me to be normal” she further adds in the same trailer of her documentary  “no one really knows who I am”. This rings true as the woman who has almost delved into all sorts of ventures has now come out with this revealing and worth watching documentary which refutes all that she had been. In it she also reveals a lot about her past and her childhood. Further, adding she talks about her seemingly perfect life – using her real voice.

However, the former socialite, DJ, actress, runway model and party animal, Hilton boasts of 19 product lines. A serious number of products for a celeb to be reckoned with. So far after the release of her documentary it has received a good number of views on YouTube.

The question is if this is the true side of Paris Hilton or another super publicity flick that will further bring her to the limelight after her first three decades of life. Anyhow, the documentary is worth a watch.


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