World News Day: A NewsOne Exclusive

by Ayaz Malik


World News Day had just been celebrated on the 28th of September this year.  Over 150 organisations celebrated and were part of this important day proving their point that making of real and true news matters and affects a change. This may also be called ‘want for truth’.  The World News Day as the name says itself is celebrated keeping in mind the efforts that the journalists, the editors, the reporters, the hosts of programmes, the reporters who risk their lives during war-times and crises situations like the recent COVID and a host of other situations they work for towards the provision of news as it happens.

Like every other profession which works on the forefront the news gathering and reporting is a task of these journalists which at times even cost them their lives. Nevertheless, they carry on bringing to their viewers and readers the truth of every event from every corner of the world. From reporting to war-ridden areas to water flooded terrains and flaring forests these very journalists tirelessly keep bringing news for the viewers keeping them informed of breaking news and articles. The art of news making and journalism is for them a reward in itself.

Over the number of years we have seen journalists from both genders bringing news which keeps us abreast of the latest from all walks of life. There have been very remarkable journalistic feats like the Snowden report from the Guardian, the entire coverage of the Afghan war by a host of journalists and even today with the passage of time we see these very daring journalists from every country pour in their share of the process that news gathering is. This year’s World News Day was partnered by Google News Initiative, World Editor’s Forum and The Canadian Journalism Council.



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