Advani, India is Incomplete without Sindh

BJP patriarch LK Advani feels that India appears “incomplete” without Sindh in its territory.


Sindh being the third largest province of Pakistan which separated from India in 1947 along with other densely populated Muslim areas on the basis of religious, ethnic and linguistic barriers and the atrocities, subjugation suffered at the hands of their tyrannical counterparts.

The 89-year-old leader made the remarks at an event while lamenting that Karachi, the capital of the Pakistani province, where he was born in a Sindhi family was not a part of India anymore.

“At times I feel sad that Karachi and Sindh are not parts of India anymore. I was very active in RSS during my childhood days in Sindh. It is matter of dismay. I believe that India appears incomplete without Sindh,” Advani said.

It is also interesting to note the recent remarks made by the new ICOAS Bipin Rawat with regards to the controversial “Cold Start Doctrine”.


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