Colombia – 33 children die in bus fire, driver arrested

Colombians have expressed horror and revulsion after 33 young children burned to destruction when their overcrowded bus burst into flames and the driver fled the scene pursued by a bloodthirsty gang.


The vehicle “caught fire that resulted in the passing of a number of lives”, Colonel Leon stated, about the accident in the city of Fundacion, about 750 kms north of the capital Bogota.

The driver, who missed two of his own children in the fire, turned himself over to police as families tried to run him down following Sunday’s tragedy in which, as stated to a witness, the bus went up in flames as he refueled it with a Jerrycan.

Crews tugged small charred bodies from the wreckage and carried them to the medical examiner’s office in the regional capital of Barranquilla to be distinguished – a project which could consume days.

The 56-year-old driver, Jaime Gutierrez, was afterwards taken into formal custody, as was Manuel Ibarra, an evangelical church member who leased the bus.

National Police commander, General Rodolfo Palomino told reporters that the initial hypothesis investigators are thinking is that “on the face of it, a mechanical failure caused the flame inside the bus.”

Transport Minister Cecilia Alvarez said the vehicle had lacked the authorization to provide inspection and repairs since 2012.


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