DUBAI: Lady Gaga Dubai concert censored to respect the civilization

A planned Lady Gaga concert in Dubai in September will be censored to respect cultural traditions.


Lady Gaga, who is recognized for her outrageous stunts and provocative costumes, called off a concert in Indonesia in 2012 because of security concerns over objections by Islamic groups to her manner.

The Gulf News quoted Marco Rios, the president and CEO of AMI Live, one of the three houses involved in bringing Gaga to Dubai, as saying: “There will be some edits for Dubai.

It cannot be the full show, because it wouldn’t be tolerated. So it’s a special show for Dubai and for the cultivation.

The UAE, where expatriates make up most of the population, has had to contend with controversy surrounding international pop artists’ shows in the Muslim country.

In 2012, many Emiratis were enraged by a concert Madonna held in Abu Dhabi, one of seven emirates in the UAE, which that included erotic dancing and a Hebrew prayer.


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