Egypt rules 529 Morsi defenders to demise:

CAIRO: Southern Egyptian’s court has declared 529 defenders of drove out Presedent Mohammad Morsi, ruling them to demise on charges of killing a policeman and attacking police.


Minya’s court ruling on Monday fitted out later then only two sessions where the supporters’ lawyers complained they had no option to present their case. Additional 150 suspects stood trial, the other were attempted in absentia.

Those convicted are part of a group of 545 defendants on trial for the killing of a police officer, attempted killing of two others, attacking a police station and other acts of violence.

More than 150 suspects stood trial, the others were tried in absentia. Sixteen were cleared.

The supporters were apprehended after brutal demonstrations that were a rebound for the police suppression in August on pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo that murdered hundreds of people.


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