First plane arrives with bodies of Brazil footballers killed in crash

The first of two Brazilian air force planes carrying the remains of a football team killed in a plane crash arrived Saturday in the city of Chapeco in southern Brazil.


Fireworks lit up the sky as the plane touched down in pouring rain after a flight from Medellin, where Cinderella-story club Chapecoense Real had been traveling for a big match when their plane ran out of fuel and crashed Monday night, killing 71 people including 51 players, coaches and staff.

Dozens of coffins carrying those killed when a plane flying Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team crashed into a Colombian mountain were loaded onto Brazilian air force planes for their final journey home earlier today.

The disaster on Monday killed 71 people and shocked soccer fans the world over. The LAMIA Bolivia BAe146 airliner apparently ran out of fuel, lost electrical power and was preparing for an emergency landing when it crashed.

Only six people survived, including three members of the soccer squad en route to the Copa Sudamericana final, the biggest game in its history.



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