Gun-loving Indian ‘god-woman’ shoots wedding guest

Police in India are searching for a self-proclaimed “Indian god-woman” after she fired celebratory shots at a wedding killing the groom’s aunt.


Sadhvi Deva Thakur and her private security men entered a wedding in Karnal Town close to Chandigar. Eyewitnesses said Sadhvi walked up the dance floor and asked the DJ to play a song. After this, she began dancing and firing shots.

A video from the wedding shows Sadhvi firing from a revolver and then a double-barrel gun. Despite repeated requests from family members of the bride and groom, Sadhvi only stopped firing after the groom’s 50-year-old aunt was fatally hit and three others critically injured.

Amid the confusion that followed, Sadhvi and her guards escaped the venue.

Following the shooting incident, police officials booked the accused for murder. According to initial investigations, approximately 30 rounds were fired by Sadhvi and her men.

“There were various kinds of weapons. Investigations suggested one of the associates was carrying a .12 bore gun which developed some snag. While fixing the fault, the person had kept the fingers on the trigger and the gun went off as he closed the chamber. The pellets hit Sunita and others,” Times of India quoted SP Pankaj Nain as saying.


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