Hole in the sky, residents panic among

New York (News Desk) that is being developed as a person and the things getting information about the new land so alien and stories of interest in the newly surfaced passes. Clouds on the sky in the U.S. state of California, just a big hole in the sky and the suspense extended work space creatures, a flying disc and the appearance of the declared disaster.


The largest hole in Stockton, California on Friday showed above. Citizens saw this strange holes were surprised and troubled. Photos of the local TV channels, and Twitter and Facebook to get the tweet and the pictures and news spread everywhere started talking about the hole in the sky.

However, experts believe that such a hole appeared in the sky is not supernatural, but it is an environmental indicator. They say that somewhere in the sky when the temperature is very low, sometimes in clouds, water vapor, ice crystals turn into a circular area come.


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