Indian director preserve his film on missing plane

The director Rupesh Paul spruiking a big-screen take on missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 said his film won’t dishonor the memory of its passengers.


The Director has released a 90-second trailer for the project, which he is currently pitching at the Cannes Film Festival, sources report.

The Vanishing Act trailer features thriller-style music, terrified passengers and a love triangle between flight attendants.

But Paul says his partly fictional movie will respect MH370’s real-life passengers and work party.

“I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this,” he told Variety.

The Indian director says the “biggest challenge” is the scene of the plane being discovered, disproving his script’s theory on its disappearance.

If the nail-biting trailer helps him find funding for the project, Paul plans to release a full-length feature in August.

Two films Saint Dracula in 2012 and Kamasutra in 2014 were masterminded by Paul.


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