Iran speaks Israel falsified Gaza weapons claim

JAKARTA: Iran’s government minister on Friday distinctly refused Israeli declaration that Tehran tried to ship missiles to the Hamas-run geographical area, career it a “lie”. Israel has same it apprehended a Gaza-bound ship Wednesday taking dozens of Syrian-made rockets “have the ability of placing anyplace in Israel”.


The raid coexisted with a high-profile United States of America tumble by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who made contact with President Barack Obama for talks over on a Middle-East peace allocate.

“Netanyahu is in Washington, every one of a sudden as an asset, they apprehend a ship from Iran with missiles. Simply a coincidence?” Iranian government minister Mahound Javad Zarif same throughout a political candidate visit to capital of Indonesia.

“If Netanyahu could be a saint and might manufacture mysteries I think the Israelis themselves are going to be diverted by that,” he added. The United States, other Western powers and Israel have long suspected Iran of using its civil nuclear energy program as a cover for producing atomic weapons, a charge denied by Tehran.


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