ISLAMABAD: International Laborr Day 2014 is being marked

International Laborr Day 2014 is being marked today across the world, including Pakistan with theme “Maintaining Productivity sustained by Mutual Dialogue”


It is being celebrated all across the world every year on 1st of May which has been adjudged as the traditional spring holiday in the Europe and Pakistan

The Day is marked by different rallies and seminars to highlight the fundamental and basic rights of the working class.

Labor unions throughout Pakistan organize seminars and rallies where union leaders deliver speeches emphasizing the history of Labor Day and its importance.

InternationalLaborr Day is likewise known as the International Worker’s Day and May Day to promote and encourage the internationallaborr associations.

InternationalLaborr Day or May Day is celebrated to finish the conflict as well as to raise the requirement of eight-hour study day.

Earlier the working status of the laborer was very severe and workinghoursrs was 10 to 16 hours a day even in the unsafe conditions

Deaths, injuries and other terrible conditions of the workers were very coarse at the workplace during the 1860’s and working people were very agitated throughout the workday until the 8-hour workday was held

The rising death of the working class people (men, women and youngsters) in many working industries, wanted to raise the voice for the refuge of the working group people by decreasing their working hours in the industries

Later on the lots of efforts made by the workers and socialists, eight-hours were declared at the legal time for the workers at the national convening in Chicago in 1884 by the American Federation of Labor.

Many people have given their lives during the Haymarket Massacre, which was taken in Chicago during the strike of the workers.
May Day is celebrated to mark the event of Haymarket Massacre as well as to boost the social and economic accomplishments of the working group people
Pakistan’s first labor policy was devised in 1972, in which May 1 was declared an official holiday.

This policy also formulated the creation of the Social Security Network, Old Age Benefit Schemes and Workers Welfare Fund.

Pakistan’s constitution also contains various provisions and articles about labor rights.
May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 states. It is also celebrated unofficially in many other states


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