Israel has recommenced ts air strikes on Hamas-controlled Gaza

Israel has recommenced its air strikes on Hamas-controlled Gaza, later than Israel’s brief truce was met with going on rocket fire. Israel had earlier had an Egyptian ceasefire proposal and halted operations on Tuesday forenoon.


The week-old conflict seemed to be at a turning point on Tuesday, with Israel threatening to step up an offense that could include an invasion of the densely populated enclave of 1.8 million.

Palestinian officials say 203 people have been cause to death in eight days of Israeli air strikes. On Tuesday, Israel reported its first causality. Israel says it launched Operation Protective Edge to stop militants firing rockets into Israel.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu stated in broadcast remarks late on Tuesday that Israel will “amplify and step up” its campaign on Hamas, though he did not specifically note the possibility of a ground incursion.

Hamas wants some concessions – like the lifting of the tight restrictions Israel and Egypt impose on Gaza’s border – in advance of any mess. Egypt won’t give up on its diplomatic efforts after a single reverse, but the resumption of hostilities means the question of whether Israel will eventually set up ground operations is back on the schedule.

The IDF stated that later than recommencing its air strikes, 30 targets had been attacked in Gaza, adding 20 concealed rocket launchers, tunnels, a weapons storage facility and operational infrastructure used by a senior militant.

Human rights groups speak more than 75 per centime of the dead have been non- belligerents. The UN agency for Palestinian refugees speaks more than a quarter of them have been children.


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