Israel warned 100,000 Gazans to flee their houses

JERUSALEM: On Wednesday, Israel warned 100,000 Gazans to flee their houses, as the military stepped up its nine-day air campaign after Hamas snubbed an Egyptian ceasefire effort.


Israeli military operation as the punishing resumed pacing, Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas was to go to Egypt and Turkey in search of regional support for an immediate end to the fighting after an earlier attack at a truce collapsed.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed the army would “expand and step up” its operations after Hamas dismissed an Egyptian ceasefire proposal, firing lots of rockets over the boundary line, despite the army holding its fire for six hours.

On Wednesday untimely, the air force warned some 100,000 Palestinians in the northeastern Gaza Strip to evacuate their families by 0500 GMT, earning a series of military strikes was imminent, the military stated.

Thus far, the Israeli air campaign has killed 205 Palestinians, in the time of Gaza militant groups have burned down more than 1,200 projectiles at southern and central Israel, which claimed its first Israeli life on Tuesday.


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