NEW YORK: The world’s soccer stars won’t be the sole ones competitive for glory at this year’s tournament in Rio de Janeiro. Coca-Cola will be running hard.

The America soft-drink large, facing lower sales in North America, is a political candidate sponsor of the twentieth tournament, thought-about along side the athletics joined of the world’s high sporting events.


Coca-Cola plans a promoting blitz with commercials that includes soccer stars and jingles celebrating the soccer entertainment. The potable maker has additionally sponsored a tour of the FIFA tournament trophy that may visit ninety countries overall.

“The event is a win-win for Coke,” said William Chipps, an analyst at IEG, a leading sponsorship consultancy.

“With an incident, particularly a world event just likes the tournament, that’s a awfully distinctive platform for international brands. There’s solely one or two of properties that may permit you to possess a world campaign engineered around it.”


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