Pakistan – Iran approves to start hotline

TEHRAN – On Tuesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held speaks with Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli in Islamabad. The Pakistani leader stated his country is determined to boost ties with neighboring Iran.


The decision came on the heels of recent tensions between the two neighboring countries when five Iranian border guards were abducted by Jaish-UL Adl militant group on February 6. While Tehran claims the group is operating from Balochistan, Islamabad strongly denies the accusations.

Coming up to a joint press conference here with his Iranian counterpart after a meeting, Nisar said the two sides had discussed matters of security, cross-border terrorism, smuggling, human trafficking, greater intelligence sharing, cooperation between security forces and economic relations.

While Fazli said the two nations have checked to set up joint operations against militant groups, if necessary, Nisar politely clarified the statement, stating, “If there is any issue, we will take out an operation on our side of the border and Iran will carry an operation on their position.

Signs of stress and distrust between the two neighbors were palpable at the news conference between the two curates.

“Strong links between Pakistan and Iran will guarantee peace and constancy in the area,” he stated, including that the regime of Nawaz Sharif wanted transparent and firm relations, serving g as the cornerstone of stability in the area and further economic cooperation between the two nations.

Nisar stated the present government seeks renewed ties with Iran, reflective of the ambitions of people in both nations. “We have a common faith, history and culture and the sky is the limit for our relations. Any irritant must be removed and we must grab this opportunity,” he remarked.

The Iranian minister said it was a priority in their foreign policy to encourage beneficial relations with Islamic and regional states, especially with the neighbors “We are determined to have good relations with Saudi Arabia.” He emphasized unity among the Islamic countries. To another question, he said Pakistan and Iran were taking steps for signing a security agreement.


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